That part time grain and dairy free life


Sounds like an oxymoron but it’s true, we live grain free and dairy free most of the time and only break it when it’s really worth it- like date night or the Peter Pan donuts my brother in-law biked in from Brooklyn this past Saturday.

The lifestyle has been easier and way tastier than we expected so I wanted to share a cook that is seriously famous in the paleo world but I didn’t find her until I started searching for alternative diets to the whole 30 (I was concerned it would be too strict and effect my milk supply while breastfeeding).

Enter Danielle Walker, she is a gluten, grain and dairy free chef and her books have changed our dinner game. My cabinet is now full of coconut milk, coconut aminos, arrowroot powder, avocado mayo, paleo pancake mix, soooo many sweet potatoes- and I actually know how to utilize these ingredients! The first recipe I made was her Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes and chose it again for my birthday dinner- which is a weird choice for me, its faux dairy but I loved it!  Just last night we made her Honey Mustard sheet pan Salmon and it was brilliant.

And I must mention we have been making lots of curries that fall into this same health category- new favorite recipe is Bon Appetite’s Weeknight Red curry. We play around with different proteins but winning combo right now is adding shrimp, bamboo shoots,  sweet potatoes, carrots, and those multicolored cauliflower over coconut rice (cauliflower rice). Even our 5 months old had it pureed tonight and loved it! My three old did not of course and had plain shrimp with rice and slices of cucumber- thank god she actually ate something green tonight.

In summary, why are we off grains? I found that during the whole 30 I shed weight easily but these recipes are ones that have helped us learn a new way of eating for the longterm. I’ll let you know when i start losing the baby weight but for now its just been a wonderful healthy life update. Highly recommend!

~Happy sweet potato eating.


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