In the days before baby 2


Just thinkin. Laying here 39 weeks pregnant with my second baby girl and wondering if there is a list somewhere of things I should/could be doing to prepare. Everything practical is ready and we have one week left…approximately.

Already working from home. The needed stuff has been pulled out of storage, lovingly washed and folded among the new items I wish I had known to have the first time. Freezer is full of researched Trader Joe’s top 10 and a few homemade dishes we managed not to eat all of.

The nesting stage has been ongoing since I found out I’m pregnant and might be my natural state anyway. We even washed the curtains in our bedroom! Slightly mortified I didn’t see that dust earlier, but are there opportunities I have the potential only at this moment to enjoy? In the days before baby 2…

Time with my daughter alone. Easy one, everyone tells me that. I’m being present any time I realize I may not be. Taking this time to practice different ways to prepare her for the coming of her baby sister. Hoping I’m doing this role play thing right.

Labor prep. I have the time now to sooth myself as much as possible. That feels different. Not knowing what to expect really was wonderful. I was sincerely excited on labor day last time and excited to do it again, now… I can use this time to- Visualizeee, the ease and it shall BE. *insert zen face smiley

Actually bring a real shower towel to the hospital and NOT bring my own bed pillows which are too nice to be there.

Feeling grateful to have the free hands to photograph and video her current state, and the careful attention I have to make sure there is no blight in the background of my art.

Catching myself in bad habits. I try not use her name with any sort of reprimanding tone or caution. Even if she is running ahead on the city street and I am not sure if she is going to stop or not- I run after her, pregnant, saying ‘darling, darling, love, sweetheart really stop now’. I doubt this method will carry over to baby 2. I just hate to use her name as the cautionary. I often correct my husband when he says my name in any other tone but adoration. Abuse the word honey, honey.

Ah yes, getting ready. Sitting at my vanity getting ready in the morning is one of my favorite comforts. Now that Elle is older, she chatters happily with her toy friends as I dress for the day and I want to appreciate this leisure time. – ALSO, bringing more beauty supplies in my hospital bag. I looked like accomplished death after labor.

If you have any other suggestions or thoughts on what you would do the week before your world shifts yet again- I am all ears… for the next 7 days.

Talk soon, or not, who knows what life looks like in the coming weeks. Ta Ta~



  1. Sweetness abounds…. the wisdom of knowing you will never get it done because life has its mysteries. And the joy of preparing, planning and being with it all. We are all awaiting Maeve’s arrival into this world with such joy.


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