Saturday Night Live!


Two years ago, on an October date in Westerly Rhode Island, Jared and I made a wish: to go to Saturday Night Live before we leave NY. I never envisioned waiting in line at 4am but I did drop hints to friends in the industry and the universe. AND last Friday I got the call! Jared’s colleague had kept us in mind and called in a favor to a friend at NBC. We were going to the SNL rehearsal at 8pm that Saturday night!!

The rehearsal, BTW,  is the better half.  The actors are relaxed, giddy, they high five each other, Michael Che did a stand up opening and made fun of crowd members- I love it there.

Although we could not document our presence, I did accidentally take a shot of our seats on the way out. Front and Center. We almost cried when they sat us. We were sitting next to Sterling K. Brown’s friends from high school! (He was the host).  Like a teen fan girl, I kept pinching myself. Kate McKinnon glows btw.


My favorite skit of the night: Dawn Lazarus. Dawn you are me in front of any camera or an audience more than 3.


Do I have any advise? GO!.. and bring water and snacks in your purse. It is a no frills arena and we had no reserves. But it was the greatest NYC date night of my life.  There is something wonderful about SNL- You go to laugh. There is nothing better than that.

~Thank you Lorne Michaels.

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