The Whole30 because I’m over 30


Oh gosh do I know this is expected. After 30 years of age there is only a matter of time before you try a cleanse and want to tell your friends about it. And I am exponentially more predictable because I live in Manhattan..and I write a blog. Whatever, this is a success story. I lost 13lbs of leftover baby weight in my 30 days and I changed the way I will eat forever! That’s a good story.

The Whole30  is a program of no sugar, no dairy, no legumes, no grains and no alcohol for 30 days. The regiment was mostly proteins (land, sea and eggs) and veggies with SOME fruit and nuts. It’s a test of wills but it sincerely it did get a little easier… kind of. Seeing someone sip a beautiful glass of wine or enjoy chocolates during a movie was always torture but feeling slimmer was motivating to carry on.

So I toasted with Kombucha on Thanksgiving and ate a slice of pie made of dates. No food was truly comforting, which was emotional. It was a shift to be unsatisfied and uncomforted by food. In the beginning weeks I often felt homesick.

Miraculously I got far enough in the game before I realized I hadn’t broken any of the rules and I was actually doing it. Around day 15 I really started to see results. It was exciting! (What to expect timeline).

It felt like a science experiment because it is one. The idea is by cutting out sugar your body beings to run in Ketosis using your stored fat for energy instead of carbs.

It’s way too boring to tell you what I ate all day but I will share that I did not go hungry.  Some delicious meals that I kept on rotation were:  roast chicken, yams with ghee, steak, roasted salmon with pesto, coconut yogurt, prosciutto with olives,  lettuce wrapped ground beef tacos and fancy tuna in 10 different ways.

Other things to report- increased energy! I didn’t feel the need to lay down all the time like a mop. My resting pose is more bouncy.



As for coming off the whole 30- I am pretty sure my first breakfast came with a side of sour cream and for dinner I had most of the wine and made this curried coconut lentil dish. What did surprise me was by Monday morning I actually wanted my coffee black with cinnamon instead of the added cream of my old days and even more shocking, I haven’t run back to cheese! – Which was the hardest for me to give up but after living the 30 day transformation I understand cheese for me is an occasional treat, as is bread.

I’ve heard some other Whole30 grads stay Paleo during the week and on the weekends indulge as they wish. That sounds livable for me. I’ll report back if I fly off the wagon but hoping to just keep enjoying my lighter self and feeling a little virtuous about my good eating during the week.

~Cheers. To new things and new good stories. Happy December friends




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