A more inspired road.


A few seasons back, I wrote a post on wanting to have a career to love and I’d like to report- for the first time in my life I believe I’ve found myself on a road that feels inspired.

Through contrast, advice, and many interviews I noticed my values started to stand out. I sought lots of guidance along the way and received some sage advice.  One enlightened stranger suggested I ask myself what can I do that I think is valuable, rather than what I love.  This stuck with me.

I value people and the potential of creating an environment that is profoundly inspiring, encouraging and one that fosters continuous learning.  I believe this is how the workplace should feel and I want to be part of creating it. This led me to find a home in Human Resources with a company that is doing it better than anyone else. This to me feels like meaningful work and although its the first step, the change feels so big.

Then, as if I had asked for a sign, my mom sent me my weekly horoscope from Chani Nicholas–  which, if you haven’t already subscribed… he/she is wonderful- my Capricorn forecast was so spot on this week, I got goosebumps:

“…The relationship that we have with our career is the relationship that we have with our legacy. And that should never be taken lightly.

While we can’t always be engaged with the most meaningful work of our lives, we must be engaged with the idea of it. With the dream of it. With the sentiment and what it means to us.

This week encourages you to remember the deep desires that you have for your work. The obstacles to living them out. The solutions that you might try in order to overcome them.

This week reminds you of the power of your network. The resiliency that you can tap into when you remember that you aren’t alone. The importance of finding honest ways to partner and pair up with professionals that have similar work ethic and complimentary skill sets. This week reminds you of the power of your dreams for the future and how, when you find others with the same dreams, you amplify your message with greater chances for collective success and personal well-being.”

Wishing you and me, all the joy in the world on this journey! Keep leaping. ~


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