If anyone else still cares about Meatloaf…


My mom never ruined meatloaf for me. Thanks Mom!  So I approached it with an open mind in my adult life and found a recipe my family loves.

Paul Prudhomme – you taught me how to make something delicious! Cajun Meatloaf.

If you’re moderately into football and the temp is under 60 degrees, this is a great way to spend a Sunday evening. Lots of chopping initially and you’ll be pulling spices from the far depths of your rack but its fun!

Warning, the recipe exactly as it is will be spicy. It is cajun after-all. To accommodate our toddler I cut the cayenne and Tabasco in half and told her it was a meatball. Great Success.

SO put out some game day snacks, pour a glass of wine and get chopping!

Bon app~




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