Learning to Sleep. Again.


This sweet Angel has been up half the night and so have I. She ceremoniously climbed out of her crib two weeks ago and we haven’t slept a full night since.

The toddler transition into a big kid bed can be a struggle, it certainly was not the cake walk we hoped. However, last night we all slept the full night for the first time in weeks and here is what worked FOR US~

Our pediatrician has been a god send. I am encouraged to call them for advice on sleep training and they have a specific philosophy.  We go to Dr Cohen’s office at Tribeca Pediatrics. If you live in NY you may be familiar.  He is famous in the pediatrician world and I discovered him while reading Bringing Up Bebe-  A great read on how to raise kids like they do in France; a lot of life hacks to learn from the French.

With our doctor’s confidence and guidance we are teaching Elle to re-learn how to sooth herself to sleep. Since the new bed, we’ve been spending almost 2-3 hours a night singing Elle to sleep and walking her back to her room all night long to sing some more and lay on the floor of her bedroom. It was exhausting and no one was rested in the morning.

So last night, after a soothing bedtime routine, we cracked her window open a tad to let the cool fall breeze in, and I told Elle who was sleeping in her world- Grandpa is sleeping, Hobie the dog is sleeping, Nana is asleep, Mason the dog too… listing all her loves. Then we kissed her and told her she is safe and closed the door when we left….

…. it was 10 minutes of tears and words and it was not fun. I braced for 40 minutes more but within 10 minutes she tucked herself back into bed. All by herself. We peaked in and found her snuggled with her elephant blanket and favorite pillow  and we all slept through the night for the first time in weeks.

We are certainly not out of the woods yet but with the confidence from Jared and our supportive Pediatricians, I feel Elle is learning a life long skill that will give us all restful nights.

Hope some of this helps and best of luck to you, it was not easy.

*NIGHT TWO UPDATE: to our surprise after the bedtime routine and one song, Jared told Elle it was time for goodnight. She frowned and said “ok” but did not cry a peep when he closed the door. Went to sleep all on her own. She did wake up at 5:30am but I was so excited and happy I got up and gave her a huge congratulations hug.   

NIGHT 3: No nap and fell asleep on the couch at 6:30pm, we put her right to be at 7. Woke up at 4:50am and we brought her to bed with us will 8am

Night 4: No nap and fell asleep on the walk home at 7pm. Gave her the bottle in bed when we got home and kissed her goodnight. Went right to sleep and woke up at 6:30am.  

One Month Later: happy to report the trend stuck. Elle sleeps in her own bed every night and no tears when we leave. She says “sweet dreams sweetheart”. 

~To concluded on an autumnal note, this is Elle on a Pony ride on a Saturday in Princeton, New Jersey


AND the official day she mastered the climb out:


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