Food & Wine All the Time: Autumnal Reads


It’s cooking season! And just in case anyone is looking to pick up a cozy hobby, I wanted to share mine. I love food literature written between 1950 and 1970 — wine books, chef’s biography’s, and cookbooks. You may find this content helpful in a foodie crowd or on an interview or a first date… gently boring and odd interests are endearing.

So here are some of my favorite foodie books and a few on my list to read next:



An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, by Elizabeth David. She has a way of making eggs and cheese christmasy and romantic. I think of her in a Provence garden when making her classic Parmesan and Gruyere omelet.






The Art of Eating, by M.F.K. Fisher. She was a sexy woman. As a child she spent summers in France and in one story she writes about foraging  in the woods for snails to make escargot and lying in her bed on hot summer evenings listening to them drop to the bottom of the cardboard box as they died of dehydration- Which, I learned is key for preparing the dish. I find that so interesting.

I actually did share that story on an interview once… got to the second round.



Gabriella Hamiltion’s, Blood Bones and Butter. This is my favorite book. It is such a good story. This is her journey to becoming a chef and opening her renowned NYC restaurant Prune. * the movie has been “in development” since 2012, Gwyneth might be in it






The Billionaire’s Vinegar, also another movie in the making and it will be starring Matthew McConaughey. Whoot! Its about the infamous auction of a bottle of 1787  Chateau Lefitte Bordeaux that sold for $150,000 under the assumption that it was once owned by Thomas Jefferson. A really good mystery. And people actually drink wines that old!






Living with Wine. Because I’ve been designing this room in my mind ever since. This coffee table book lives on our dry bar and it makes me feel fancy.





Cork Dork, by Bianca Bosker. She was featured on how to drink like a Sommelier and I like her style. She also received great reviews in the NY Times– so I amazoned it.

*UPDATE: I am on page 95 and this book puts me to sleep one page at a time. Very Sci-ency, not much story behind all the facts. Love to take the knowledge and be done with it. 





This book keeps showing up so I am finally taking the hint. The title is great. She’s also a frequent writer for Bon Appetit and they are just awesome right now. SO, I’m prepped to laugh and  learn something new.






~Happy Reading, thanks for hanging out. Here are some photos of Jared

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*If you were missing the cookbooks, I am going to do a whole separate post. I have too much to share.

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