Ahhh to give no F*cks


This is something I have been thinking about lately. I read How to Not Give A Fuck for 24 Hours and thought- at least someone in my family lives up to this practice, Elle gets it ♥

I need to have more fun so I’ve been applying this outlook to my work day… jk… my non fireable day.  Like making dinner spicy or excusing myself from boring stories or leaving the cover off my iphone. Those are very lame but I am trying to take a note from Elle and anyone who’s adept at making the seemingly mundane a bit more amusing. Feel free to share your give no Fu*ks bucket list.


Something else along this vein that stood out to me this week is this NYT article: Looking into the future for a Child with Autism. This child so beautifully and brilliantly makes his future plans on continuing what he loves right now. How simple and tearjerkingly gorgeous is that? I waste a ton of worry and time trying to figure out the HOW in my big plans and this young man reminded me the next step is just to follow my current joy.  Thank you ~

In closing, to illustrate the simpler joys and Elle mastering the no f*cks challenge, here is my family eating apples and picking berries in an orchard in Connecticut.

~Happy new season my friends, may you find more fun today


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