Curry for a Change

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I’d totally be impressed if someone told me they can make a great curry. To me, it’s the mark of culinary agility and a party in a bowl. Curry is my new thing I want to do today.

Last night was my first attempt. I chose a recipe from the Pioneer Woman- not my usual stop for recipes because she says Howdy a lot but she seems really nice and this curry recipe was SO simple it persuaded me to action: Coconut Curry Shrimp (I used chicken).

My family looved it and Jared, my husband, is just the sweetest patron. He’s encouraging when I try something new and helpful when the whole dish is lost to salt.


♦ I improvised quite a bit in this recipe: used roasted chicken breasts we had from the night before (i had tested out the curry we got and made Ina’s curry chicken salad♥), added bamboo shoots, red bell pepper, mushrooms, basil – all organic.

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This was a great starter recipe and my family was super happy with the meal but I am certain it is not my staple curry for life. I want MORE. I want to beam with pride about my curry dinners. So, I am taking referrals. I’ve heard good things about Meera Sodha’s Curry Chicken and Jamie Oliver’s.  But really, if you have suggestions- who is the Marcella Hazan of curry? I’ll invest in some more spices and try them all.

Ironically, five years ago today, my Mom and I were in India. We spent most of our time near the Himalayas and it wasn’t exactly a foodie trip.  The only local food I ate was near the end of our adventure after a dose of antibiotics on a 18 hour bus ride from Dharamsala to Mumbai. A six year old boy and his not much older brother cooked us roti and curry at a roadside bus stop. It was memorable, the whole trip. We almost died so many times but we laughed till we cried and it was the greatest mother daughter trip of our lifetime.

Namaste ~


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