Uncle Boons

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You know that restaurant that everyone loves, it gets rave reviews and its right by your house- so you never go? The two places like that for me are Raoul’s and Uncle Boons. Both took me approximately 3-5 years to finally go to but now they are my only favorites.

SO, here is my Uncle Boons run down (Raoul’s post to come) ~

Note: all the food photos are red because its red in there and I should have used my flash.

The wait is long! Like 1-2 hours on any given day during prime time. But the trick is- go with just one other person and ask to sit at the bar. I was seated in 20 minutes, my friend arrived 25 minutes after that, but I had a summer wine to keep me company and these spicy scallops. Bright, complex, and addictive.

IMG_3431 (1)

Next course and the only salad, Yum Mamoung.  Mango, lime and avocado tossed in a friendly non-spicy dressy. Wonderful.

IMG_3433 (1)

My lovely companion has mild spice preferences so we had to skip the famous spicy chicken dish Yum Gai Hua Pli, but I’ll be back for it. Heard it’s incredible.

The octopus.  Very simply grilled but necessary to have one item that balanced out all the other strong dishes.

IMG_3432 (1)

Ah the Massaman Neuh. The best short ribs Ive ever had. A short rib curry served with Roti – Satisfying, lean meat, spicy, lingering.

IMG_3434 (1)

The atmosphere feels sincere. A more local crowd, returning customers, it’s nice to go somewhere thats not on the top of everyone’s list- just a shared favorite place.

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