Hellooo? It’s me, Elle.


Ahhh, getting to know you Elle. I am singing this song in my mind:

Julia Andrews and her chorus of children live in my head. It’s new since motherhood. It’s lovely actually.

So-  Elle is TALKING. All about the birds and the bees and the foods she eats. It’s the level of Italian I peaked at then nicely put down somewhere. This is her at the garden after taking over my conversation with her Grandfather. I am very impressed with her joyful imitations, she is so polite. Lots of “Yes”, “Ummmm Hmmm”, ” Uh Huh”, “YAY”, “oooh a bee!” ,”OK. OK. OK.”, and “Good”. She’s basically mastered a phone call. No one even needs to know she’s less than 2.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And below is a little proof. This is our first after school conversation on record. Seems like she made Jojo cry? Or hopefully Jojo fake cried for her? It was so matter-of-factly stated.  Elle does like to encourage theatrical games. She points at our face and demands we cry on the spot. She thinks its hilarious.


~OK, carry on with your day. Thanks for coming. Hope Julia Andrews stays with you ♥

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