Our Concrete Jungle: Summer Edition


This was our first 4th of July weekend in the city and we did not hate it. We pretty much had Nolita to ourselves.

Check out Elle in these sunglasses, she looks like she feels invisible.   .   .  I might be projecting.

The photo above was taken in our city backyard, Elizabeth Street Garden, as was this month’s cover of UK Haprer’s Bazaar!: “I love my body: Meet Ashley Graham”. How cool is that?! Treasuring this documentation of my favorite cityscape and in awe of  Ashley. Play it~

Other than hanging out at the garden we have been really busy all over the city. Since vaca, we have spent the last two weekends here and these were loooong Holiday weekends.  We’ve had so much time we went to the central park zoo, TWICE and only the first time was intentional. The second time we hit up a cool slide in the park and I said “it smells like goats here”, then Jared observed we were right outside the petting zoo, so we went back. Why not.

We even had the leisure to get caught in a few summer downpours. Not dainty ones, these were the intense, romantic, reset the scene kinda storms.


At the zoo we got trapped in a goldfish cave when the sky started to implode down upon us. Elle had her first freedom run through the rain.


The streets of Soho were practically empty.  Anyone that was here had the same expression of serenity on their faces as we did. Elle was able to trot down sidewalks and sit on any bench she wanted, one of her favorite things: Sittin and treats, treats and sittin. This pink bench just happens to be a trendy choice (Pietro Nolita).


And dancing! An uptown friend introduced us to Lincoln Center’s MidSummer Night Swing. Every evening in July is a free concert with food trucks and a massive dance floor. Plus the fountain. I’d never spent as much time watching the fountain as Elle wanted to (forever) and it smelled so good! (im an ex-swimmer, chlorine ♥).



Well, this turned out to be a mile long post of photos. I’ll let you go. Happy Tuesday friends.

~Keep it groovy





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