Elle Learns to Beach


More than anything else, this post is a sentimental photo-montage of my daughter at the beach. It’s really important to me to document her first beach experiences because its so damn endearing how tenderly she discovers the world and finds her jam in new places.


She loves greeting crabs and excusing herself around ants. Her vocabulary tripled in the two weeks we were there and she started asking questions for the first time. Pointing to bee’s and asking if they will hurt her, grabbing our hands and saying “you you you” when she wants someone specifically to come with her, and my new favorite-  she uses “I don’t know” appropriately. Good for her!

But my favorite moments were early in the morning before everyone else woke up and Elle and I would walk the path to the beach to say good morning to everyone: the birds, the reeds, the flowers, the ants, the ocean- everyone. And I just let her show me where to go next.

She found her beach stride and I found more of mine as a Mom. Uff, I know its so corny but its really nice getting to know her ♥

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