V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N Date Night


All I want to write about is how much FUN I had playing couples games on vacation. Somehow in my life I had yet to organize formal competitions against my family.  WHY is it so much more fun than beating your friends?! (the unconditional love probably)

For the full picture, we just came back from enjoying two full weeks in Rhode Island with my husband’s family. Spending our days lounging about, tanning our limbs and teaching our 18m old how to love the beach. Her first experiences on the sand were spent in socks. BUT by midweek she did in fact acclimate to the foreign conditions and by the last days she fearlessly ran back and forth on the shore like a hot footed seabird playing tag with the waves. (*see upcoming post for more toddler beach fun)

So, as Elle was tiptoeing in the sand, we the adults played games. Our card game of choice is ASSHOLE (this is a safe link to the rules). Remember this high school drinking game?… 2s clear, building on singles with doubles, triples etc. When all players are well versed, it is a fast snarky game of strategy and wit. Great for family team building… or maybe not as good for team building when you lose all the time but I usually win, so I made great memories. Jared, my husband, how you doin? ; )

This particular round started over sandwiches at noon and carried into dinner over the tinciest most delicious tuna tacos I’ve ever eaten. If you are in Rhode Island, go to Matunuck Oyster Bar, they’ve achieved that perfect balance of non-cheesy beach open air feel with fabulous food. I think I remember winning here too… but maybe in my memory I always recall winning. (I recommend this mindset.)

THEN, the sun took a few days off and by Saturday we needed to rev up our ambitions and adrenaline again-  enter beach baseball.  I definitely recall losing this game. I squeaked loudly and surprised my muscles with bursts of base running all in vein. We lost terribly to the twenty something couple. But I took a bow anyway and the IPAs we drank in the out out field were glorious.

Big thank you to our unofficial local sponsors: Two Roads,  Greysail Brewery, and Fisher’s Island Lemonade. Good game Family.

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