Life Goal: Listening Better


I google search this article on repeat and I might as well put it somewhere easy to find. Here ♥.

Few months back, Lenny Letter published this fantastic read: Timed Conversations: The one trick that taught me how to be a better listener.

Wanted to thank Lena Dunham and the editors of Lenny, you have helped me be a better friend and know when to apologize.  This article tenderly highlighted to me what it feels like to be heard and it was an embarrassing reminder of how easy it is to get in the habit of passively listening to a loved one. As I am steadily transitioning in my role as a mother, toddler-hood poses a new challenge for me to having meaningful conversations while mothering. I want to be the kind of Mom/human that makes my family and friends feel truly seen.  I have a ways to go but it is something I strive to be mindful about. #Goals

Just a quick Wednesday share. Closing out the week and heading into a two week vacation on the beach. Hallelujah.

~bliss out


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