An hour at Smorgasburg, ready GO!


Saturday morning woke up like it was Christmas in Springtime. Stupid happy. No impressive reason, I was just so excited to have a morning activity that was bound to be FUN and tasty and perfectly timed to get us back by nap time! We literally went to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn for one hour.

I waited for the appropriate enough time to wake up my friend with no children on a Saturday morning and invite her. All my glee shining on the other end of the phone guaranteeing her at least cheerful company and a quick foodie adventure. None of us had ever been, always wanted to go. Perfect.

At 10:54am I had taken out enough cash for 15 ramen burgers and we were inthe first herd to be let in. Which didn’t exactly make it our own playground, it was filled with people already and the weather was crap! So…. 1pm on a sunny day must be horrible.

We hit all the famed items. Here is my brief rundown:

Ramen burger– Shake Shack has nothing to worry about, this was like a 6/10 but if you go to Smorgas, everyone will ask if you had one.

Fried chicken & Waffles- perfect, classic, and good looking. There was nothing particularly new about their take on this and thank you for that. DO what you know.

Dragon fruit bowl- pretty and cold. It looked more fun that it was. I already forgot how it tasted.

We waved at the #raindropcake– you know the purple rain drop, most instagramable item on this menu.

Mission Ceviche– hands down everyone’s favorite! Bright, spicy and too complicated of a flavor to pin point what i liked- but this is the main dish that stayed on my mind. Absolutely recommend.

Literally a one hour food race, 11:54 Elle’s tears arrived and we headed back to the L train. We all left satisfied, with a full Saturday ahead of us.

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