Apartment Babies

FullSizeRenderPerhaps there is something internally comforting about living in smaller spaces.

Upon the news of my daughters arrival to be, we made the decision to hunker down in my apartment in Nolita. This rent controlled gem with two bedrooms, clean renovations, and a shower in the kitchen -also called the Bitchen. The separate shower particularly, helps to deepen our appreciation of our future claw foot tub and house in the suburbs. But for now, this apartment is our happy home and I am proud of our space saving innovation and cozy factor.

An empty room to make into a nursery…a Manhattan dream that I felt most overwhelmed by.  I spent countless hours at my day job hunting for the right stuff- good looking, compact, economical, duel purposed and I wasn’t finding a lot that was catered to having a baby in a NYC apartment.

My starting point was how I wanted Elle’s room to feel.  Emotive theme being- warm, gender neutral, minimal, with a touch a whimsy (its OK, I am rolling my eyes too). In truth, I found that babies dont really need that much stuff in the beginning. Much of the larger baby “necessities” collected dust for the first five months- stroller, toys, baby chairs, even the crib.

In the first three months the items we really did need were a few nice cotton onesies, the baby wearing Ergo, car seat and blessed changing table that fit right on top of her crib (Bloom Universal Changing tray). The rest was wonderful to have but we didn’t need right away. So take a deep breath and be easy about all the stuff, try to focus on feeling good in the space as a start.


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If you need any registry inspiration, I found Goop’s guide to a non-toxic nursery helpful for ideas. Feel free to ask me any questions, happy to share what products specifically worked for us.

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