Weekends at home

Stroll down Broome, Jared and my Dad (Grandpa)

Enter the coziness zone. We’ve got the good lighting, the cheese, and a semi contented 15m old. Winter weekends in New York are my favorite and I might be one of the few that feel this way. I love vacation and eating outside in the summer but life in the city for me, is best enjoyed when I can make home and just be.

So, if you are wondering how to entertain a toddler in Nolita and gather all the tasty necessary things, I am going to provide a little kid friendly and specialty store map. Here are my Saturday things that make me smile with comfort like the cozy queen I am:

Shu’s Flower shop on Mulberry Street. Flowers have always been a staple refresh for me but going to Shu’s is special. This place in nothing short of magical. It’s like walking into dreamscape mid-summer night’s dream and all the flowers are at least $10 each, a piece! BUT the Kiera garden roses, which just happen to be my favorite, are $5 a stem.  I reverently by 3 and instantly feel treasured.

-It is no secret, but Di Palo’s is pretty fantastic (however, if you are pregnant- do not go, everything is unpasteurized and the smell is cheesy and ancient). But the mozzarella is beautiful and we love having their prepared ravioli in our freezer.

– Now for the kid stuff- thank you CitiBabes! This haven on Mercer Street is new in our lives but man is it an incredible space for kids Elle age to play inside. Full on baby gym with local families, slides, balls, classes, an absolute critical change of environment for our little one.

McNally Jackson bookstore, Hi guys. I do buy a ton of books annually here but we also go to play…

Elizabeth Street Garden is our backyard. I feel a strong connection to the expensive statues and Elle basically learned to walk in this local oasis. So romantic.

-Ah, Wine Therapy. Where I spend less money than I used too, but our taste has gotten more expensive, so we likely still highly contribute to keeping this place open. The best collection of non shitty wines in Manhattan. Seriously, there are some horrrrible wine stores in the city that sell absolute crap in exchange for money. This place is a gem and they know my name, which makes me feel cool.

– The newest additional to the neighborhood the – French Cheese Board, 41 Spring street. They’ve insulted me a few times but the cheese is lovely and wrapped up like presents in brown paper.

-Quick stop at Sur La Table to buy the unscented candles (for the Hygge).

-And as touristy as this place may be- Balthazar Bakery truly has incredible bread.

-Another awesome late to the game discovery we have made is the soccer turf off Rivington Street. When we have gone before 10am or after 5, we have the entire field to ourselves and Elle just RUNS, for like 20 minutes. Then we go home.

So, that is an average Winter Saturday in a nutshell. Minus the multiple trips back to CitiBabes.

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