Tuna Salad Vows


Admittedly, chopping might be my most frequent form of meditation. It is similar to running or painting, in its methodical quality, when the ideas seem to have the opportunity to arrive. This particular salad was created the last weekend before my wedding and my only remaining task was to write my vows.

The notion to write our own vows was likely my idea but spurred on and taken to a next level upon reading this article in GQ, “How to Plan an Indie Wedding”:

“Getting married means baring your soul. You get up there and you pull your heart out of your chest and you show it to everybody in the room. And when you’re done, you’re a different person. It brings you so much closer to everyone who’s there. It’s a powerful, awesome thing. Just fuckin’ do it. Don’t be a pussy. Don’t be cool. Don’t hold back. Get up there and pour your heart into it and cry and do all of it, because it’s so powerful when you see someone in a wedding—or any situation—who’s not afraid to be in love. When you see someone who’s just like, ’I fucking love this woman,’ that’s bulletproof.”

And that is what we did. Not a dry eye at the podium… I cant be sure we made all the guests cry, but we certainly had to stand in power pose and take a breath to get through it. I am so proud I stood up in front of my whole world  and shared the promises I made to myself and my husband.

This might be the most love infused tuna ever created. Recipe for my best Tuna Salad ever: 3 jars Tonnino tuna in olive oil, in-season organic carrots, tomatoes, celery innards (including the leaves), red onion, and not to discount all the organicness- but Hellmann’s mayonnaise brings this back down to earth.

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